Monday, July 16, 2007


I realize this is a sensitive post to make, as many people get angel tattoos as memorials, and so making fun of them is a pretty awful thing to do. However, I just can't help posting these.

This angel looks like she's melting and someone took sandpaper to the lines. And does it look like her legs are way too short, or is it just me?

This dude is fine until you get to the crotch area. Where is his junk and why is he grabbing at nothing?

Why is there shading outside the lines? Is that a boob hanging out or a tumor? Why is the foot so long? WHAT is going on with the right arm and hand holding her hair back? Why is the right hand so stumpy?

And then there's this one. I can't really understand what is going on. there's an angel on a podium hiding her head. There's some smiling something above her. There's some kind of sun and a bunch of lightningbolts. And some kind of weird floating head to the left. It looks like my high school doodles, frankly.

And finally, a couple horrendous NSFW angels with really, really bad faces:
one here
and one here


seang said...

the first NSFW one - UNDERBOOB.

Caitlin said...

I can't explain the malformed right hand, but I assume the shading outside of the lines and the general sketchiness of the tattoo are meant to lend to the fact that the original was a charcoal drawing / sketch.

looks like it to me, anywya. said...

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