Monday, August 20, 2007

Wizards III: wizards with balls

Here is an assortment of my favorite tattoo theme: wizards with glowing and/or fiery crystal balls.

Glowing red eyes just make this wizard look like a snake, and what is up with the weird pointy shoulder on the left? I can't even begin to discuss the money ball...

This wizard is the best of the bunch, technique-wise, but what is up with the Q-ball? The sparkles are a good touch.

This guy gets bonus points for having eyes, but negative points for the half-assed glowing ball.

Not only does this wizard look like a zombie with shark teeth, but his magic ball is made out of DRAGONS and he has flying decapitated hands.

I love the robe but this wizard looks like he's about to hike a football, not cast some serious magic

And finally, I know this bad picture obscures the badness of the tattoo, but just pay close attention to the pointy red fingernails, the snake-eyes, and the fire that looks like it is in zero-g.


Anonymous said...

Q-ball guy is going to be linked here and own you for not getting whatever reference that is.

Alice said...

Unless it's the physics q-ball theory recently popularized by the movie Sunshine, I have no idea what it could be (and why would a wizard be into physics?).

Anonymous said...

Sorry to be a know-it-all, but decapitated means "beheaded". You can't decapitate a hand. Disembodied might be what you're thinking of. Anyway, hilarious post.

shan said...

An awesome tattoo collection of demons