Tuesday, February 24, 2009

More amazing wizards (dragon edition)

I'm seriously obsessed with wizard tattoos. Sorry if you guys are getting sick of them! Here are a bunch with their dragon buddies.

It looks like he's about to pitch all the magic onto his hand that's holding the orb, whereupon it will smash into one million pieces and doom the dragon to an eternity underground without his friends or family.

This dude is NOT HAPPY about the dragon's fiery flames. Not one bit.

Since when are wizards 100x bigger than dragons? I like the lightning bolts though.

"Alright, I want a dungeon. A deep, dark, scary dungeon, with a DRAGON and a huge SPIDER, and a lizard, and cobwebs, and an EVIL PLOTTING WIZARD with another dragon on his shoulder, and a CUTE BLUEBIRD and a HEART with a banner with my girlfriend's name on it and a bunch of FLAMES on the other side and some smoke all around everything. Okay?"

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ButtonEyes said...

Wizards can be as big as they want! Come on... what good is all that power if you can't even make yourself big enough to eat a dragon? Oh... you have probably never eaten a dragon. Ok, my bad. They are rather tasty.

These are done pretty well, I just wouldn't want to be him in 20 years, no 10, no, maybe he can make it 1 year without regret... maybe a day? Unless he is a wizard himself or his dad was or something, then I would be ok with it.

But who am I to say anything, I have some ridiculous tattoos (check out my blog) you can post them here if you like.