Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cats with no ears

I just took in two of the cutest cats ever, and so I have had cats on the brain lately. Because of this, I thought I'd do some searching for bad cat tattoos. I am SURE there are worse ones out here, but this is what I found- three cat tattoos without any ears. Why would you ever draw a cat without ears? It just makes them look like weird aliens!

This looks like a Lisa Frank drawing without the pizazz.

This is the most half-assed tattoo I have possibly ever seen. Why are the eyes sideways? Why are the whiskers blue? Where are the ears? So many unanswered questions!

This is a mix of the lady's five cats and some human (the right eye). Why the human has a lazy eye, I don't know. I also think the cat is actually the bark of a tree.

And finally, while not technically terrible, this butterfly-cat holding a flower and inexplicably wearing pants makes me laugh.


Alison Friday said...

This is a funny post. I have tattoos and they are all for reasons whether it be young and stupid or something that I thought I really wanted or needed. Always the next will be my last, but it never seems to be. The kitten with wings and pants is very funny. I have a small forever friends bear. I don't really admit to it often, as on one hand it is tacky but on the other it has an important memory for me;-)

ButtonEyes said...

I love cats... but... I mean... ok the butterfly cat is cute, bad tattoo though.