Thursday, May 28, 2009

Death Metal Tattoos: part 2

I wish I knew what this was, I really do. It looks like a totem pole of demons? With some kind of weird scarred-out blob in the middle. Is it a tribal-mutant batman logo? AND DO YOU SEE THE SCRATCHED UP FETUS ON HIS ELBOW? I mean really, how could you miss that? I don't even know what the stuff on his forearm is. If anyone can help decipher this, please let me know! I was staring at this guy for ages trying to figure it out.

I wish I knew what was on his back, too. You can see a bit of it poking out. I bet it's incredible.


Shuk said...

definitely a mishmash of various ugly things. The blacked out symbol up by his shoulder must have been done earlier, I can see the outlines clearly but no idea what it is. Like a chaos symbol or Horde symbol from WoW or something almost.

Tattoo Kits said...

You got to love the metal kids for horrible tattoos!

I heard that Bolt Thrower were amazing though!

Mike said...

That's my friend Jeff! HAHAHAHAHAHA

Anonymous said...

Who ever his is he's got a dismember shirt on