Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Now THIS is what a zombie should look like!

I got a spur-of-the-moment zombie tattoo last week from Alex at Three Kings in Brooklyn. If you've seen my millions of bad zombie tattoo posts, you know that a good, gory zombie is hard to come by. And I got one!!!!

Because it was a TOTAL impulse tattoo (I just dropped by the shop to hang out and watch my friend Myles tattoo my friend Josh for a couple minutes and ended up getting tattooed myself!) I didn't know where the image was from. It was just something AWESOME that Alex had drawn up (he had a bunch of drawings for their Friday the 13th Zombie day that were too involved for the $40 zombie deal they had going). Turns out it is from this obscure comic that not one, but TWO of my friends knew about!

In other new tattoo news, I also got my other crow filled in. They're by Myles, also at Three Kings.

I'm so stoked on them! They look great.

I'll post some legitimately bad tattoos soon, I promise. I just wanted to share these awesome ones because I am so excited about them.


Anonymous said...

really? those are good tattoos?

callmehats said...

Well, I like your crow tattoos.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, they're terrible.
You have a crappier taste than most of these people with shitty ink.

Anonymous said...

the crows are awesome, and the zombie is well done. don't listen to asshats #1 and #2.

Tattoo Kits said...

WOW - love the Zombie!

Where in Brooklyn is 3 kings?

Shuk said...

The crows remind me of Hugin and Munin, one of my various norse themed tatts. They both look pretty good in my book, but I have an aversion to colored tatts so I avoid anything with the kind of artwork that would require coloring to make it 'work'.

A good zombie is hard to do, lots of detail is needed for proper gore - but intricate detail and 'texturing' that would make it pop fades quicker than hell. What's up with the yellow lightning bolt looking things beneath the crow though?

Anonymous said...

lol, now you should realize that no one in their right mind should ever get a zombie tattoo, because that's retarded. just like you.

the crows look like shit by the way. you really should stop getting tattoos.

Anonymous said...

Oy, sorry but they are bad. Bad as in bad. They look just awful.

Pot, kettle, black, I'm afraid.

Annie said...

The crows are amazing. But the lightning... not so much. Actually, those look horrible. I don't know why you judge other people's tattoos so harshly when yours aren't that great. Do you criticize those tattoos in order to make yourself feel better, or are you just a narcissistic bitch?

Stop putting yourself on some self proclaimed pedestal.

Zan Zan said...

They look awful. The lines are blurry. The shading is heavy handed and amaturish.

You know you're stuck with these, right?

Also, why would you have a site that bashes others' ink when yours is just as bad, if not worse?

My advice is that you go to a DIFFERENT artist, and get them re-done (at least recolored). Maybe they can be saved, but I don't know. They're SUPER ugly.

Anonymous said...

Those crow tattoos are the worst. UGLY. God, I hope you're a man if not you just eliminated looking good in a dress or shorts for the rest of your life.

Catherine Blair Pfander said...

Oh wow. I came by your blog really randomly....and a) I really love it, a lot, like will read it everysingleday.

and b) this is a fucking SICK tattoo.

Anonymous said...

Awesome-I haven't heard Goreshriek mentioned in YEARS!

a) Nice work-Three Kings kills it!
b) Looks like some of the people you posted up found your blog. Bottom line, they should've spend more time (and money) on their tattoos. She's just saying what everyone you have ever shown your tattoo was thinking. Thanks for playing.