Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Geeks and Nerds and Dorks, oh my!

The sad thing about most of the tattoos in this blog is that they could be so awesome if the tattooer and tattooee (is that even a word?!) just had a little more sense. Or skill. Or both. Nerd tattoos definitely fit into this category. I am all about awesome tributes to dorky things and there are so many amazing nerdy tattoos out there (see the last entry of "good as in bad" tattoos for proof). However, it's very easy to miss the mark. And unfortunately the following people missed it by a mile.

This tattoo comes with an explanation (because seriously, there is no way anyone would get it, even if they do recognize fractals). It looks like blobs from outer space that are bleeding out into the skin.
"This is a piece of the Mandelbrot Set, the most recognizable (and first?) fractal. It uses the quadratic recurrence equation: Zn+1 = ((Zn)(Zn))+C"

Here are a couple people who decided that, instead of illustrating their nerdiness by getting an awesome tattoo of something they really love, they would just get the word. Because tattoos of words always look cooler than pictures, right? Wrong. Especially when they're done this badly.

And finally, here are a couple tattoos that aren't done badly, and aren't even horrible ideas, they're just placed and sized horribly. Both of them would be pretty cool if they were smaller and on an arm or a leg, but taking up that much prime space with something so simple and blocky just makes me cringe.

Also, it was pointed out to me that having LVL UP and a half-full EXP bar makes zero sense. The bar should be totally full or totally empty.

And finally, here's one that I found that I actually like. I think it's a cute combination of traditional tattoo design and nerdy content.


Lux said...

I almost like the second to last. It's kind of adorable, but yes, should be smaller.

Peter said...

HAH! that 'lvl up' tattoo is MC Router.

MC Router said...

Maybe you should look into why i got that lvl up tattoo. of course it doesn't make sense to you or anyone else who thinks it's awful. as i get older i am filling up the EXP bar....so every few years the bar will get more full. makes sense to me and anyone else that knows what it's like to grind. lvling up doesn't happen instantly..that's why the bar isn't empty or full...it's a process...and that's why there is space to fill it up as i get older and gain more EXP in life.

any REAL gamer knows that.

idiot. fuck you...you should be more open minded when you whine about tattoos that you think are awful before you go making your little elitist blog entries.

MC Router