Monday, July 9, 2007


I try to have little themes for each post that I do, but these tattoos are just in little leagues of their own.

This is clearly some kind of drunken home-done tattoo, but is seriously bad. Shitty, even.

Apparently this guy broke his collar bone a bunch of times, so he got it tattooed. I can think of a million things to put there that would be way cooler than this.

And finally, this one isn't so bad. I wasn't even really going to post it, I just had it saved in a little folder of mediocre cliche-bad tattoos. However, I was on the subway this weekend, and saw the tattoo in person, so it has to be posted. I don't know the person at all, it was complete luck (or this is flash and a lot of people have this terrible tattoo, in which case it's worse than I thought).


Rene said...

i think the clavicle one might a reference to that Alkaline Trio song, then again the tattoo itself still aint too great

Anonymous said...

do a le petit prince post!

dan said...

where did you get the poop picture? i have a feeling i know that guy.

Anonymous said...

southpaw means left-handed, and some of them are damn proud of it for some reason