Tuesday, January 13, 2009

hi, i am jay and i have a terrible tattoo.

Hi guys, I am Jay and I love terrible tattoos. Alice has me along for the ride to discuss the absolute awesomeness of total crap zapped into people's skin.

I have a really bad tattoo, it's of a "rune" on my leg. At the time I listened to a lot of black metal and swore I was going get a whole bunch of runes. One day an ex girlfriend of mine wanted to get her belly button pierced. While at the shop I wanted to get a cheap tattoo to show off how cool I was. Well I made the worst possible choice and I just have this dumb arrow on my leg that means "warrior" in rune speak. Anyway, one day I will cover it up with something less retarded.

I will do my best to find the worst possible tattoos to contribute to this very important blogging experiment.

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Anonymous said...

Hi there Jay! Love the website, Alice. The Sig rune isn't inherently terrible (I may end up with one somewhere someday) but I'm personally very interested in runes. However I understand your aggravation with getting personally meaningless shit at the wrong time and best of luck with fixing it into something better for you. :)