Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bad chest tattoos

I think there is a trend of getting bad chest tattoos with bloody writing. Please tell me this isn't so, and it's just these three unfortunate dudes.

"All Hope Is Gone" -- not a very good thing to get when you're young (I cropped his face out of the photo, he looks like he is 17). Also what's the logo on the right? I assume these are bad lyrics of some sort.

"Blood Is Forever" -- I guess this is a way of celebrating family, but there is surely a much better way to do it. Also the bloody cracked Batman logo is an a+ addition there, buddy.

"Pull The Trigger Bitch" -- sdkjfhsdk I can seriously not think of a worse thing to get tattooed on your chest for all time. Do you think he will ever have sex with anyone ever again? I guess he'll just have to keep his shirt on indefinitely!


Melanie said...

What cracks me up about the little on is the cute little bird flying in. It's like Cinderella comes to Gotham City.

Melanie said...

That's supposed to be the middle one, not "little on". Geesh I can't type today.

Alice said...

haha yeah that cracked me up as well!

Schnitzelmann said...

God, those are really awful. The first one is the title of the new Slipknot record btw, and this pentagram whatever thingy is the band's logo.
The third one's also a music tattoo, a line from the song "No Pity For A Coward" by Suicide Silence – one of those totally cool sceny myspace Deathcore jerks.
Isn't it a great idea to get a line from a band on your chest that exists for five years?

Anonymous said...

holy shit there's some retards out there!

Anonymous said...

yea, there are some retards out there, and those retards are you guys.'ve got to be kidding me. you're criticizing these tattoos and you didn't even know that they're lyrics from songs? and you're questioning whether that guy's gonna get laid ever again? of course he is. if anything the tattoo is gonng help him with that ladies. i'd fuck him, he's gotta pull the trigger bitch tattoo. and i can probably name 50 girls that would do him. ugh i dont understand why you feel the need to judge these people.

Anonymous said...

All hope is gone is the name of Slipknots 2008 cd and that thing on the side is their nine point star sybol for the band.

Droken said...

To be honest Schnitzelmann, you shouldn't judge anyone before you know what the tattoo stands for the person.

Any by the way,

No Pity For A Coward is actually a good song, if you read and understand the lyrics.

Tattoo Kits said...

"pull the trigger"

Good luck getting a girlfriend after that!!!