Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Death Metal Tattoos: part 1

I went to the Maryland Deathfest this past weekend and OH BOY did I see so many amazing metal tattoos! One million distorted zombies! Ten thousand blurry black and white messes of somethingorother! A good handful of band logos! I have a LOT to share with you guys, but let me start with this gem (perhaps the best of the bunch):

THAT GIRL IS TRUE. EVIL. I love the fancy flourishes added to each word, it really rubs in the brutality of her tattoo.

Tune in soon for more!


E*n FoX said...

now is this true evil... or is each side different.... one if true, and the other is evil... hmm?!?!?!

theNerdPatrol said...

So there people in the world who wake up one morning and think, "You know what would make my world better? To get "True Evil" in a lovely script with underlining embellishment tattooed haphazardly on my ass. I'm pretty sure that would encompass everything I am and ever will be."

Good to know.

Tattoo Kits said...

HAHAHA - why????

Anonymous said...

is it a girl?


Tribal Tattoos said...

Wow this tattoo sucks haha loose the ass crack too..

Gangsta Tattoos

Anonymous said...

That tattoo is going to look crazy when that poor girl gets old. that, and honestly....why on the butt? is her ass evil? I'm confused.