Thursday, July 26, 2007

Text tattoos

I am sure there are WAYYY more bad text/ script tattoos out there, but I didn't try to find any of these. They just dropped in my lap as I was searching for other things. One of these days I am going to specifically look for bad text tattoos and I am sure I will find a million of them.

the funniest part is the capital E at the end. And also the font, which is exactly what I would have chosen when I was 14 and still thought I was goth.

I think the word "SOUTHPAW" is flying out of the guy's skin, but why he would get this tattooed on him I don't know. It's a venue/club in NYC... does it mean anything else? The fact that it has flaps of skin tattooed around it is what puts it into this blog.

I have no idea what this means (the photo is named "iwillnotbedenied.jpg" so I assume that's what it is), but if they're going to have letters coming up out of the smoke, shouldn't they look like smoke and not block characters?

Goth meets Graffiti meets Detroit. I really don't know why I find this so funny.

sdkfhsdkfhsdkjfhsdkjfhsdkjfhsdkh!!!!! WHY?????

The best part about this (besides the worst bubble lettering ever) is that it is in quotes. He's not REALLY a bad boy.


Anonymous said...

Where is "Mr. Cool Ice"?

david/letsgetserious via vlv said...

southpaw means someone who is lefthanded...

unfuckwithable is the name of a harriet the spy album, but i doubt that dude with the tattoo knew that.

the one in quotes is supposed to be graffiti im pretty sure.

Anonymous said...

where's "x straight edge x"?

Caitlin said...

The "I'm Gonna Kill You, Ray Romano" tattoo is a (well done) Photoshop.

Anonymous said...

Actually that tattoo is real:

Anonymous said...

oh lord i cant stop smiling...poor ray romano hehe i wonder if she/he gets paid for that

Anonymous said...

Southpaw means the dude is left-handed, the club in NY got their name from that. trust me, its an old saying for describing a left-handed person